10 Cool Car Paint Jobs We Love

If you really want everyone to know your personality, a custom car paint job will tell it all. Whether you’re an All American flag waving freedom lover, a Sci-Fi thrill loving junkie, or an old school geek, you can let everyone in traffic know what your passion is. Of course, not all paint jobs are equal. Earl Scheib might be able to paint any car for $100, but they aren’t going to give you this kind of professional customization found on these custom auto paint jobs. Here are 10 works of art that we absolutely love!

The All American

What better way to show your American pride than rolling out in this sweet American Flag sweetheart?


Image via fastmusclecar.com

2008 Roush Stage 3 Mustang GT

What is more wicked than a Roush Mustang GT? How about a Roush that has airbrushed smoky skulls?


Image via cardomain.com

Psychedelic BMW1 Series Coupe

If you are looking for the ultra-modern hippie look, this BMW sports the most amazing peace, love, and happiness colors!


Image via thetimes.co.uk


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John Lennon’s Rolls Royce

A Phantom V Rolls Royce shouldn’t be painted any colors that aren’t elegant and classy. Unless you’re John Lennon. Then you get a pass for this psychedelic yet still classy paint!


Image via neatorama.com


Do you like flames, but can’t decide between traditional and tribal? Why not both?


Image via cpvehicles.com

The Octopus

Looking for a nautical theme that isn’t a mermaid theme? This tentacular Scion was a hit at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show


Image via cfavero of flickr.com

The General Lee

With such a resurgence of love for the Challenger, this list couldn’t be complete without the most famous one of all!


Image via commons.wikimedia.org

Hello Kitty

Nothing tells the world you are a cutie like arriving in your very own custom Kitty-mobile!


Image via oddee.com

The Flash

This West Coast Customs concept car was uncovered at the 2012 SEMA show. Who doesn’t love a superhero themed car?


Image via motortrend.com

The Mystery Machine

Taking things back to old school, we’re sure Shaggy and Scooby would approve!


Image Via idealclassiccars.net

These paint jobs are all over the top and amazing. Without a doubt, the owners have spent a great deal of time and money to ensure that their ride really stands out, and says what they want it to say about them.

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