10 Father's Day Car Gadgets That He'll Love

Father’s Day is coming up and many of us are still searching for the gift for the man who has everything. Well, they have us kids, so of course they have everything, right? We have scoured the interwebs and come up with a few gift ideas for dads of every style, and in every budget! So without further ado…

Digital Tire Gauge

Is dad still using that old gauge with the plastic stick that blows out? Bring him up to speed with the new stuff! Digital tire gauges are more accurate, look cool, and they can be had for under $10 at Home Depot!


Cell Phone Holder

Does Dad fumble around with his phone in the car? Is he always looking down to see where the GPS is taking him? Give him a gift that he will actually use! Car cradles get the phone out of his hand and up to the dash, making it easier for him to see without being a distraction while driving! These car mounts from iOttie have a wide range of mounting solutions that will fit any car he drives!



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Glove Box Organizer

Have you ever opened Dad’s glove box and seen that crazy mess inside? He’s got everything stored in there from aspirin to pens, the registration and insurance papers, napkins, and everything but a pair of gloves! Did you know that they make organizers to keep all those things neat and easy to find? Though one version or another is available at many car part stores, we like the look (and the under $10 price tag) of this glove box organizer from Pep Boys.


Roadside Emergency Kit

Way back in the day when Dad got his first car, he probably got a roadside emergency kit to go with it. That kit has probably transferred from car to car for the last 20 years, and the contents are likely dry rotted. That won’t be any good to him in a real emergency, so give him a gift that will give him a reason to be happy if he ever gets into an incident on the road! This 73 piece AAA Explorer Road Emergency kit has everything Dad needs!


12 Volt Car Vacuum

Give Dad a gift that really sucks! He likes to keep his car clean, but nobody likes lugging the family vacuum out to the car, or dropping quarters in the machine. This Black and Decker car vac plugs into the 12V power jack and will help him keep his car looking great!



So we’re heading into the pricier Father’s Day toys. Whether Dad wants to document his road trip, or he just likes to capture the crazy things that he sees on the road, a dashcam is a great present. Not only can he do all those, but it can really help his case if he is involved in a motor vehicle accident! This Vantrue R2 unit at NewEgg has night vision, 170 wide angle HD, and a parking monitor, and can be found for around $100.


Heads Up Display (HUD)

Is Dad a real tech lover? Maybe he loves playing Call of Duty or other games where he gets a heads up display that tells him about his surroundings. You can give him that awesome experience in his own car! Some kits cost more than others, but this OBD II Car HUD Head Up Display Windscreen Projector is moderately priced, and turns dad’s old ride into a modern cockpit!


Backup Camera

By May 2018, all new cars will be required to be equipped with automatic backup cameras. There’s a great reason for that, as more than 14,000 people a year are injured or killed in backover accidents that could have been prevented given the use of a backup camera. Give Dad the gift of safety! We like this QuickVu fully wireless aftermarket digital backup camera because it is easy to install and has great night vision.


Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Give Dad the gift of the future! The Automatic adapter plugs into the OBD-II plug found in the dashboard of any car made after 1995. The Automatic monitors the car’s performance, but also through the Android or Apple app provides tracking for everything from business tagging and expenses, refuel logging, engine diagnostics, and parking tracking!


Rooftop Tent

Ok, so now we’re really going “over the top.” If your dad is an avid outdoorsman with a penchant for offroad, nothing will brighten gleam in his eye like having his very own rooftop tent! Our personal favorite is the Litchfield 23ZERO, which comes complete with a Sky View window, a removable tub style floor, and superfine bug mesh to keep the mosquitoes out!


Dads are amazing people. They can be the big bad guy who makes you do your homework, but they are also the one who makes silly inappropriate jokes that make us roll our eyes, and sit up waiting for us to come home from our first date. Show dad how much he means to you this Father’s Day, and remember that it’s not the money you spend, but the heart with which you spend it.

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