4 Reasons Online Car Shopping Is Not The Way To Go

4 Reasons Online Car Shopping Is Not The Way To Go

Contactless delivery of online purchases such as food, prescriptions and other essential items has kept most households running smoothly during the pandemic. However, there are still situations where having your own car is more helpful than having things delivered to your home. You might be tempted to buy a car remotely or online, but let’s be sensible about this: It may not be a good idea. It is not a small feat to purchase a vehicle. Many consumers want to be able to see it in person, touch it, sit in it and try it out.

­Here are four reasons online car shopping is not the way to go.

Test driving limitationsTest driving limitations

We all have tirelessly searched the internet to gather ideas on the type of car that we want to buy. Online car retailers, marketplaces and auction houses provide lots of photos and information, but those factors still equate to buying an automobile sight unseen.

Several online sellers will allow you to test drive a car, but only after you have paid a nonrefundable delivery fee. Most buyers will feel committed to the purchase at that point, even if they aren’t satisfied with the car’s performance. Are you wondering about the online companies that offer a seven-day test drive period? Well, don’t take your eye off the clock because the test period begins and ends with specific restrictions. You'll also probably be charged per mile if you drive beyond their fine print parameters.


Possible undisclosed problemsPossible undisclosed problems

Let’s revisit the generous display of car photos and detailed information that we see online. It is in no one’s best interest to show unflattering pictures and features, so don’t expect to see that. What does that mean? Your purchase may arrive with a few marks, dents and scratches on the body of the car. You may discover traces of trash and undisclosed defects on the interior surfaces, and those are just the problems that are visible to the naked eye. Additionally, many remote car sellers do not guarantee a smoke-free vehicle. Pre-owned and reconditioned automobiles provide great savings for customers, but only if the dealer can deliver what they promised.



Less accessibility and availabilityLess accessibility and availability

You have seen the car of your dreams while viewing an online retail website. You are ready to buy it and schedule its delivery. Then you get an error message. Sorry, but we don't deliver to Alaska or Hawaii. The seller suggests that you travel by car or air to their nearest location for pickup. That's more money out of your pocket - not to mention that many remote sellers do not negotiate their prices regardless of unforeseen circumstances. Even if all works out well with the preparation of online delivery, it typically requires a set appointment. Delays can occur that will affect your road trip plans or work schedule.



Customer service breakdownCustomer service breakdown

One of the biggest downfalls with remote buying is a lack of customer service. Online car sellers make it very easy to select a vehicle, but they can be slow to assist you when trouble arises. Sample situations are test drives, delivery and the return process. Remote sales are risky, too.

Responsible professionals at local car dealerships can handle personable resolutions while still following sanitization guidelines and COVID-19 safety practices. Ultimately, traditional dealerships will provide better service for you. Nothing beats a hands-on experience even during this time. As a result, many consumers are accessing valuable financing deals along the way.

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