5 Vehicles for New Teen Drivers

5 Vehicles for New Teen Drivers

As a responsible parent, of course, you want to make sure that your new teen driver is going to be in a vehicle that is safe and reliable. Your teen on the other hand likely has grandiose visions of being behind the wheel of a 2015 SS Camaro, an SRT Challenger or a GT Mustang.

If you do a Google search for "best vehicles for teen drivers" you'll get a variety of suggestions based on safety, costs, year, reliability, etc. Even the recommendations from reputable organizations (Forbes, Edmunds, Consumer Reports, etc.) rarely agree on the same specific vehicles. The common denominator they all do agree on is safety.

Statistics for new drivers are scary. Google those for a parent's nightmare reality check!

Advancements in vehicle safety have improved vastly in the past 10-12 years. As a parent looking for your teen's first car, you should start looking at vehicles manufactured within the 2005 and up range. These will also tend to be in the "affordable" price ranges you're looking for.

So, we're going to help. We've scoured the reputable websites and based on their recommendations, we checked our lot and here's the top 5 matching recommended vehicles for new teen drivers according to the "experts " that we have on our lot.

car1. The number one recommendation from US News is the Ford Fusion. They gave sion 9.6 out of 10 for a safety rating.

*We currently have three Ford Fusions available.


car2. Edumnds.com rates the Chevy Malibu as their top choice of vehicle for teen drivers based on reliability and safety.

*We currently have nineteen models to choose from on our lot!


car3. Consumer Reports rates the Chevy Cruz in their top 5 choices.

*We currently have 12 different models on our lot.


car4. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives high marks to the Volkswagen Passat in their top 5 ratings.

*We currently have five models to choose from, stop on by.


car5. Forbes magazine rates the Chevy Equinox high making it into their top 5 recommended cars for teen drivers giving it high marks for safety, reliability, and style.

*We currently have four available on our lot.


Stop by the Mike Duman Auto Superstore and talk to our sales staff. They'll be happy to help you find the right and safe vehicle for the newest driver in your family.

*Vehicle availability is based on our current inventory at the time this article was written. Numbers are subject to change.