December 2017

Chevy Trucks by the Numbers

In the past, the numbers that appeared on trucks were associated most often with the tonnage. However, did you know those numbers also stand for things other than that? Over the years we have associated the numbers on a truck with the tonnage it can haul, but cargo is not the only thing that sets the Chevrolet Silverado line of trucks apart. Chevrolet makes three Silverado trucks, , 2500, and the 3500 which can also be categorized as a half-ton, three-quarter ton, and one-ton trucks.

The Bowtie

The Chevrolet bowtie is one of the most recognized automotive brands in America today. Since 1913 when William Durant, Chevrolet's co-founder first introduced it, the bowtie has appeared on millions of products, advertisements, and sales literature across the united states.