ASE Certified! What Does That Mean?

At Mike Duman Auto Superstore, we not only pride ourselves on the quality of our vehicles and sales representatives, but also on the professional skills of our technicians in our Service Center and our Collision Center.

ase machanicHaving an expert to handle your automobile repairs that you know without a shadow of a doubt is the best tech for the job gives you peace of mind when it comes to your family’s safety while driving. The technicians at the Mike Duman Full Service Auto Repair Center and in our Collision Center are only a few of over three hundred thousand automotive professionals nationwide that have received the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence since 1972. We would like to share with you what this certification means, and why you should look for it in every automotive facility you employ.

ASE is the abbreviation used for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. ASE is an independent non-profit organization based in Leesburg, Virginia that first started in 1972 with the idea of helping to protect the automotive service consumer, shop owner, and automotive technician by using a series of tests to ensure the technicians level of experience before contracting his services. In order for automotive professionals to become ASE certified, they must have a minimum of two years hands-on experience, or one year of on the job training.ase certification requirements They must also possess a two-year degree in automotive repair in addition to passing the ASE certification test. Once these qualifications have been met, the automotive professional then has undeniable proof of their technical ability to provide to future customers and service managers.

The Nation Institute of Automotive Service Excellence certification tests is designed by a national panel of seasoned automotive professionals including technicians, manufacturers, and educators. The exams are split up into over forty sections and are made up of sub-specialties such as an automobile, medium and heavy truck, school bus, and collisions repair and are meant to test the technician’s overall knowledge of job-related skills. The tests are not easy, and on average only two out of three technicians pass on their first try. Once they have passed the first test, they must still retake the test every five years in order to maintain their certification. This process ensures that they stay up to date on the latest parts and technology in the automotive industry.

If you are not sure how to tell if company employees ASE certified technicians, you can start by looking for the seal of excellence on their website. Most companies choose to display their ASE logo garage 2prominently on their website. In order to ensure the authenticity of the logo and keep from fraudulent use of the logos, businesses must provide certain information to ASE such as the web address, and the name and ID number of the ASE certified personnel employed there. Some companies also display their employee’s certifications on the walls of the shop. A company can also request artwork for store stickers, as well as other items such as certification patches and apparel through the ASE website after providing the same proof listed above.

Garage 1Having a certification from the Institute of Automobile Service Excellence is one of the highest certifications you can receive in the automotive service industry. We at Mike Duman Auto Superstore, as well as our service department and collision center, are proud to be a part of the National Institute of Automotive Excellence-certified technicians. We invite you to call, email, or come down to Mike Duman Auto Superstore’s Service and Parts Department or our Collision Center and talk to one of our ASE certified automotive professionals the next time you need any repairs or maintenance done to your vehicle.