Service and Repairs What the Du-man Does!

Service and Repairs What the Du-man Does!

The Mike Duman Auto Superstore, prides itself with providing the highest-quality vehicle-related services money can buy. We have only the best factory-trained technicians to help you out and will be using just the highest-quality tools and equipment to get the job done correctly in servicing your vehicle. 

All we need from you is to tell us the make and model of your vehicle, the type of work that needs to be done, and when you'd like to have the service performed. We have no shortage of friendly and experienced service specialists ready and willing to assist you with whatever problem you might have.  

Below is a list of a short rundown of what Mike Duman Auto Superstore is more than ready to provide to you.oil change supplies

The all-too-common oil change - Whether it's been three months or 5,000 miles, you will need an oil change. Likewise, if you see any excessive exhaust smoke, there is an oil smell inside the car, or the oil change light is on, you probably need one. 

tire rotating machine

Tire Mounting, Rotation, and Balance - Everyone needs their tires changed, or their wheels balanced now and again, and so do you. We will check the tires for unusual wear and expected lifespan to provide you with the vital information.

You could also be having some issues with your transmission; in which case, we will be more than happy to help and let you know if any repairs have to be performed. Or what about those pesky 30, 60, or 90K services? We'll handle those for you too. 

It's also important to have a periodic engine diagnostic. Think of it as a full-body exam, of sorts as it can reveal any existing problems with your car's engine, exhaust system, brakes, transmission, or any other major component. 


Likewise, we will take care of any problems that you may have with your braking system (pads, rotor, lines, etc.), the heating/cooling system, head gaskets or valves, exhaust and fuel systems (filters, hoses, pumps, etc.), belts, ignition, emission control, electronics, electronic motors (windows, fan, etc.), steering systems, belts (timing, alternator, etc.), suspension system (axle, mounts struts, etc.), warranty repairs, clutch repairs or replacement, or engine replacement or rebuild. 

The thing is that we will do it all and we do it well. It is indeed full service!

Another thing that you need to remember about Mike Duman Auto Superstore is that we also pride ourselves on our quality work. It also applies to the type of vehicle parts that we use. There is no point in providing some of the best vehicle repair and maintenance services on the market if the parts we use do not match this quality. 

Imagine if you were to bring your car to a service shop for some minor replacements and several days or weeks down the line, that particular part breaks again. That sort of thing doesn't happen at Mike Duman. We only use factory-certified parts in all of our repairs. We advise all of our clients not to trust parts that may not have been specifically designed for their particular car model. 

When you are purchasing parts from Mike Duman Auto Superstore, you have the guarantee that they are of the highest quality and that they will not break down when you least expect them to. 

automotive service excellenceIf you find yourself in need of a qualified technician to help you out with your vehicle, be it a minor repair, a periodic check, or even something as significant as an engine replacement, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be there to help. 

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