The Top 3 Cars Millennials are Buying

The car buying process has certainly changed over the past 10 years with all of the information instantly available to the consumer across the internet. For the most part, your basic car buyer is going to know how much they should be paying for a vehicle and what their trade is worth BEFORE they ever set foot onto a car lot. One group that is particularly web and information savvy are the Millennials.

Millennials, in general, are the under-35 consumers. According to MaryLeigh Bliss, chief content officer at Ypulse, “Millennials are not a risk-taking generation, and the recession has majorly impacted their views of luxury and conspicuous consumption. It's not as appealing to them as it was to previous generations to own a car made to ‘show off.’”

So, just what cars are the Millennials buying? Based on 2016 report from MarketWatch, here are the top 3.

1. Nissan Altima


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2. Dodge Charger


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3. Honda Accord


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