Top 5 Virginia Road Trip Getaways

Whether you’re looking for a week of adventure, or just day trips in Virginia, this state has a lot to offer. Touring drivers are in heaven here, as scenic drives in Virginia are plentiful. To list every road trip destination in one article would be absurd (there have been entire books written on the subject) but these are our top five favorite Virginia road trip getaways!

Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway

Skyline Drive is one of the most iconic road trips in the United States. Gliding through 105 miles of the Shenandoah National Park, this road trip is beautiful any time of year. These mountains are the product of 1.2 billion years of geologic progress, and hold countless breathtaking vistas. Be sure to stop in at one of the waysides for a burger and blackberry shake, or spend the night at one of the four campgrounds. Near the halfway point of Skyline, Skyland resort is a wonderful place to stop in for a luxurious meal, or to rent a cabin that looks over the Shenandoah Valley. Continue south into the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy many beautiful walking trails, or just to appreciate the foliage.


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Presidential Homes Trip

Virginia is the birthplace of leaders. Eight of our presidents have called this home, and most of these estates are within a short drive of one another. The Route to the Presidents includes Washington’s Mount Vernon, Jefferson’s Monticello, Madison’s Montpelier, Monroe’s Ash-Lawn Highland, Harrison’s Berkeley Plantation, Tyler’s’ Sherwood Forest Plantation, Taylor’s Montebello, and the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. Getting an early start, it wouldn’t be difficult to take this trip in a weekend, and can be one of the most scenic drives in Virginia.


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The Crooked Road – Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail

If heritage music is your thing, don’t miss out on Virginia’s Crooked Road! Situated through southwestern Virginia, Crooked Road traverses more than 300 miles of our scenic state. Stops include museums, historic places, and cultural centers. Major venues include The Birthplace of Country Music, the Ralph Stanley Museum, and Heartwood Museum. Plan your trip around one of the many affiliated festivals such as the Blacksburg Market Square Jam, Clinch Mountain Music Fest, or Floydfest, and you will be in for a memorable road trip!


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An Eastern Shore Weekend

On often forgotten part of Virginia, the Eastern shore is certainly worthy of a road trip. Starting with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel crossing, travelers find themselves in Cape Charles, where the welcome center can guide you to the best of the shore. There is no shortage of gift shops and specialty stores, and for those nature lovers, Kiptopeke offers miles of seaside trails. Moving north, Onancock has plenty of history, including the Kerr House, housing artifacts, exhibits and events pertaining to the long history of Coastal Virginia.  Wallops Island is an interesting destination for those who wish to see rockets launching into outer space, and of course, it wouldn’t be a coastal trip without a visit to the Assateague lighthouse and National Shoreline.


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Monticello Wine Trail

If you are already in the area for the Presidential Homes trip, then the Monticello Wine Trail is a great way to continue the voyage! 30 wineries surround the Charlottesville area, all within a short drive of one another! The trails are broken into the 5 loops, each of which could be a whole weekend excursion.


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Virginia is a state full of wonder. Steeped in history, but also a hub of technology, there is never and excuse to have a dull weekend. These five road trips are just a handful of the possible destinations. Travelers can hop from caverns to caverns out in the western part of the state, or take an out of this world trek to NASA’s Air & Space Museum, Langley and Wallops’s Island. What is your favorite Virginia road trip?

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