Top car care tips for maintaining your older vehicle

Top Car Care Tips For Maintaining Your Older Vehicle

Most people in the United States rely on vehicles in their everyday lives, and more are holding on to their vehicles longer. Unfortunately, the older a vehicle gets, the more susceptible it is to breakdowns. Since most older vehicles have high mileage, it’s easier for their systems and parts to wear and tear, completely stop, or behave abnormally.

However, by employing these four solid car care tips for older cars, you can minimize these issues and enjoy your tried-and-true ride for many more years.

Top four car care tips for older vehicles

Take care of the brakesTake care of the brakes

The first thing you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle’s brakes is to be gentle with them. Don’t slam on the brakes when you reach a red light or press on them heavily with each use. Gradually easing to a stop at lights and signs will go a long way.

Also, replace your brake fluid as your vehicle manual instructs. Most experts say every two years. Doing so will prevent rust and corrosion by warding off moisture from your vehicle brakes.

Keep the cooling system optimizedKeep the cooling system optimized

The cooling system keeps your vehicle's engine temperature optimized for efficient performance. It transports fluids at a high pressure that can go beyond 240 degrees Fahrenheit. This also affects the water pump, and if it has poor coverage in extreme heat or cold, this system can die.

Track when your vehicle’s coolant hoses are replaced, and update them as your vehicle manual or auto mechanic recommends. Do the same for water pumps, especially if they start emitting odors or dripping green fluid.

Change the oil and filter regularlyChange the oil and filter regularly

Out of our car care tips for older cars, regular oil and filter changes are the best thing you can do to extend your vehicle engine’s life. With each oil change, record the date and mileage, so you’ll know when you need your next one.

Protect the exterior

Protect the exteriorProtecting the exterior of your car might seem like it's only necessary for aesthetic reasons, but a good paint job protects the overall metal and plastic, which can easily break down due to weather conditions. Keep your vehicle in a sealed garage or carport, or under a breathable vehicle cover. Wash and wax it at least four times a year, and remove debris, such as melting salt, that can stick to the undercarriage.

The most important way to prolong the life of your vehicleThe most important way to prolong the life of your vehicle

In general, stay knowledgeable about your vehicle, make, and model. Look for forums and websites dedicated to your vehicle to learn how to properly care for it. Find a trusted auto service technician who works on your brand of vehicles for maintenance and repairs. And don’t wait to address repairs; get them fixed immediately, so issues don’t escalate.

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