Use Your Tax Return for Car Care

Use Your Tax Return for Car Care

Receiving your Federal Tax Refund can be an exciting day. Whether you prepare taxes yourself with an online tax return calculator, or you’ve let a professional handle your business, nothing beats the day you look at your account and find yourself a bit richer. So what do you do with that extra dough? Spend it on a vacation? Buy a cute new outfit? A wiser decision may be taking care of your car. Next to a home, your car is the biggest and most important investment you’ll make. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, and to avoid pouring your wallet’s contents into the pocket of an auto mechanic, check your scheduled maintenance, and regularly inspect for worn parts. Each vehicle will have specific car service needs, and here are a few they all likely have in common.

Scheduled Car Maintenance

Every car comes with a maintenance plan. Many of us could find that schedule in the glove compartment of our car, in an envelope that also contains the business card of the salesperson, a brochure from the auto sales company, and a lost card of ibuprofen. If you cannot find your schedule, try running a search online, or use a page like Edmunds to look up your vehicle maintenance schedule. Highlights of that program may include:

  1. Oil Changes
  2. Tire rotation
  3. Cooling system flush
  4. Replace cabin air filter
  5. Replace air filter
  6. Replace fuel filter
  7. Repack wheel bearings
  8. Lubricating ball joints
  9. Parts inspection

Completing scheduled car care is relatively inexpensive, and averts incurring larger costs and keeps your vehicle out of the shop for more expensive repairs.

auto-service-brakesUnscheduled Wear Maintenance

Unscheduled maintenance is where the big bucks get spent. This is most likely where you will need that tax refund to assist with the cost. While some wear items we expect, such as tires and brakes, there are many moving parts that keep your car on the road. Other unscheduled maintenance items may include:

  1. Ball joint replacement
  2. Exhaust system replacement
  3. Suspension components
  4. Driveshaft
  5. Steering linkage
  6. Cooling hoses
  7. Electrical/electronic components

In America, the car is the lifeline to your work, groceries, and play. Keeping your automobile running in top shape not only helps you in your daily life but also improves resale value. If you find that you have let your car maintenance schedule slide, tax season is a great time to catch up on all those repairs before they get out of hand. According to SmartAsset the average income tax refund is $2693 in the state of Virginia. If you receive the average refund, then you may be in an excellent position to keep those tires turning!