What Are the Best Used Cars for 2022?

What Are the Best Used Cars for 2022?

Are you in the market for a used vehicle? You should know that not all makes and models are created equal. From differences in fuel economy to performance or durability, it’s important to know how different cars rank.

Read on for our list of the best used cars to buy in 2022.

Best budget option: Kia Soul

kia soulThis popular subcompact crossover SUV entered its third generation in 2019. This new generation features a stronger chassis and a better-performing engine.

The boxy shape allows for excellent visibility, and features like the forward collision warning system with pedestrian detection will make you a safer driver.

Besides being available at an affordable price point, a used Kia Soul will help you save at the pump with a fuel economy rating of 30 mpg on average.

Best sporty SUV: Mazda CX-3

Mazda cx-3The Mazda CX-3 is a stylish compromise with its sporty look and roomy interior. This SUV is undeniably fun to drive and its sleek design is sure to turn heads.

The high-end cabin material creates a luxurious feel, and you’ll get plenty of cargo space with just under 18 cubic feet that expand to 45 cubic feet when you fold the back seats.

Recent Mazda CX-3 models feature a continuously variable transmission, a feature that reduces fuel consumption. With the U.S. being the second largest market for this feature, CVTs are becoming a popular feature that can add value to a vehicle.

Best midsize ride: Toyota Camry

toyota cameryDid you know the Toyota Camry was 2017’s best-selling car? It remains one of the best used cars to buy, thanks to its highly reliable construction.

This versatile vehicle is a great fit for families and anyone looking for a safe and reliable car.

Depending on the model, you can expect to get 24 to 27 mpg. Plus, the comfortable cabin and infotainment system equipped with JBL speakers will take your commute or next road trip to the next level.

Best luxury car: Genesis G70

genesis g70This luxury sport sedan will seduce you with its sleek exterior and classy cabin interior. The Genesis G70 stands out with its responsive handling and smooth ride.

A used G70 delivers a luxurious experience at a reasonable price point, and a 2020 model would be an excellent choice since it’s the year Genesis introduced an improved braking system.

Best compact car: Chevrolet Spark

chevy sparkParking in tight spots and navigating busy streets is a cinch with the Chevrolet Spark and its 143” length. This compact car is a great fit for urban drivers with its surprisingly high-performing 1.4-liter engine, rear parking sensors and camera.

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