What's The Maximum Mileage When Shopping For A Used Car

There are several factors to consider when you're on the market for a used car. First, you need to assess your budget to determine your price range. Second, you need to decide what type of vehicle you need. You also need to know what to look out for when test driving that car.

Finally, you also have to set a limit in terms of maximum mileage a car should have before it's no longer purchase-worthy. The total distance of a vehicle will give you a rough estimate of the general state. Nevertheless, don't fool yourself into thinking that distance, alone, is a definite indicator of anything - because it isn't. You need to use it alongside other bits of information about the vehicle to make the right purchasing decision.

Used Car Mileage Tips

As a general rule of thumb, a typical driver will put on roughly 12,000 miles per year. Also, the average vehicle in the US is approximately 12 years old. It makes the average mileage of a second-hand vehicle to be somewhere around 144,000 miles. You should base your estimates on these figures to determine the value of the car you are looking to purchase.

But keep in mind that this information shouldn't be used so much regarding the actual mileage a car has at the moment, but how much you can benefit from it after you buy it. In other words, if a vehicle has 60,000 miles on it, you can expect to get another 80,000 or more out of it as well as about seven years before you reach the national average.

Other Factors to Consider Alongside Mileage

Other Factors to Consider Alongside MileageLike we said, mileage alone doesn't give you enough insight into the purchase value of a vehicle. With enough proper maintenance, you can buy a 200,000-mile car that's much better than a 50,000 one that's roughed up or involved in a severe accident. So, the older the vehicle and the more miles it has, the more critical is its maintenance history.

Another factor to take into consideration is the previous owner(s). A daily commuter, for instance, can get as many as 50,000 miles on his or her 2-year-old car. Nevertheless, those would be mostly highway miles, meaning that this is a good deal even if it's above the national average. Rental vehicles, or those used by salespeople, are also good deals, granted they have solid maintenance histories.

Adversely, a ten-year-old car with roughly 30,000 miles on board and with proper surface upkeep, may present some hidden issues. Sunday drivers usually keep their cars in a garage, but items such as a weak battery, dried-out oil seals, or dry-rot may influence its longevity. Luckily, however, these problems can be quickly addressed.

But generally, the more owners a car has had, the harder it will be to get your hands on its history. Relatively few miles and a low price don't always mean a good deal. If you're unable to find maintenance records, it's probably better to stay away.


Simply put, there is no such thing as a maximum mileage. The average is around 12,000 per year, but you can go above it, as long as the records prove proper upkeep. Mike Duman Auto Superstore has some great deals available for you. Check out our inventory or contact us directly at 888-203-7766.