Why Buy From a Dealer Instead of a Classified Listing

Why Buy From a Dealer Instead of a Classified Listing

Today's vehicle shopper has many options when it comes to purchasing a new or used ride. You can pick from websites, apps, classifieds, and even the classic "barn find." While they may offer the occasional incredible deal, all of these options have one big thing in common: there are no guarantees. The only place where you can be assured of a good deal and consumer protection is through a dealer.


Whether it's through the traditional newspaper classified or a digital app version, people often buy vehicles this way. Ads can work very well for making purchases in your local area and allow for communication and negotiation with sellers. Many sellers will allow you to take a look at the potential purchase before officially buying. Unfortunately, classifieds cannot offer refund policies since the sales agreement is between the seller and buyer. So if you fail to agree to terms before making a purchase, you may be out of luck if anything goes wrong.

Online auctions

Dealer vs ClassifiedA variation on the classified is the online auction. The most challenging aspect of this method is trying to gauge the value and condition of the item from just photographs. For cars, this can be especially difficult. Once you decide to bid, you may be competing with bots that artificially drive up the price. So your incredible find that had an opening bid of $1500 may end up costing $8000 in just a few hours or even minutes. Even if you do win the auction, there is still the matter of getting the vehicle, which could be all the way across the country.


Purchasing through a dealer gives you far more advantages when it comes to consumer protection. The Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule prohibits the use of false or misleading information, deceptive practices, and misrepresentation to sell cars. Dealers can be fined in excess of $42,000 per violation. There are also consumer protection and business rating agencies, such as the BBB, that give consumers a clear picture of a dealer's true reputation. These protections are not available when buying via a classified ad.

No hassles

Going through a single point of contact makes the process easy on your schedule. Simply stop into a dealership and look for the vehicle you want. No back and forth online or trying to coordinate schedules. Any negotiations can be accomplished right there on the showroom floor rather than through email or text message. After reaching an agreement, a contract will be drawn up giving you proof of purchase, all legal rights to the vehicle and, recourse in the event of an issue.

Safety and quality assurance

Dealer vs Classified listingBy buying from a dealer, you can also be assured that the vehicle has been given an inspection to make sure it is roadworthy and free of major issues. This is something that you can never be certain of when buying from a private seller. In fact, you may unwittingly be solving someone's problem by buying their lemon under false pretenses. A dealer has a reputation in the community to uphold and will not accept used vehicles that are riddled with issues.

This can also save you money. Since most dealers will offer extended warranties on vehicles, any necessary repairs won't come out of your pocket. Additionally, any modifications you want can often be accomplished through the dealership's service department. This can be bundled into the sale price and will undoubtedly result in a better deal than attempting to find the right provider on your own.

Avoid the hassle and uncertainty. Instead, let us save you time, money, and headaches. Contact us for the vehicle you want today!

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