Why You Should Have a Professional Reconditioning Your Car.

You spend a good chunk of your time in your car. Be it driving to work, running errands, or being your kid's personal chauffeur. So it goes without saying that you would want to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. However, keeping your vehicle in top shape is not just about the mechanical aspects; this type of car care goes beyond the regular maintenance that keeps it running and into the smallest of details in your car. While just running your car through a car wash and vacuuming it out gets it clean, it is not the same clean as when you have it detailed and reconditioned by a professional.

Reconditioning is the process of cleaning every inch of your vehicle both inside and out. Over time, dirt and dust collect in the smallest cracks and crevices of your car. The sun’s rays assist in fading the interior and exterior colors. Minor dents and scuffs show up on your exterior as shopping carts, and careless drivers ding your vehicle, and the upholstery starts showing signs of stains and wear. By taking your car to a professional and having it reconditioned both inside and out, you help to preserve and protect your vehicle from the elements as well as keep the resale value as high as possible. The Mike Duman Automotive Superstore has a full service reconditioning center on our lot and is proud to be able to offer complete reconditioning services to help you protect your investment.

Another great benefit of having a professional detail your car is the assurance that is properly protected during the cleaning process. Unlike an automated car wash where the brushes can scratch the clear coat, a professional technician will hand wash your vehicle assuring that all the dirt and grime is gone. Afterwards, they will then hand dry it to prevent water spots, which can damage your auto’s clear coat, as well as to help to avoid new dirt and grime from sticking to the exterior ensuring that your clear coat is kept in pristine condition. By keeping your clear coat clean, you help to keep the paint in top shape guaranteeing a long-lasting exterior color.

Having your vehicle reconditioned by a professional can also save you big bucks in the long run. Services such as scratch removal, paintless dent repair, undercarriage wash, and windshield repair, allow you to stop the problem before it becomes a more significant and costly issue. Small scratches can lead to larger problems when left untreated. Even the smallest of scratches can produce rust that will eat away at your vehicle's body causing deeper damage, resulting in higher costs to fix it than the original scratch would have led you to believe.

An undercarriage wash, especially if you live in areas that receive snow, is another beneficial service of having your car detailed and reconditioned and can help to rinse away the salt used on the roads and help to prevent rust from forming underneath your vehicle. Have a small crack in your windshield? By repairing it immediately, you ensure the chip or crack will not get larger or spiderweb that can affect your visibility while driving which poses a safety hazard- not to mention by fixing it before it gets out of hand you save hundreds of dollars.

While there are numerous benefits of reconditioning your vehicle regularly, one of the bigger ones is the reduction of allergens in the air. When you take your automobile to be professionally reconditioned, the technician will clean out your vents as well as vacuum and carpet clean your interior reducing the dirt and allergens that can build up inside. If you or someone in your family are prone to asthma attacks or have severe allergies; having the interior cleaned by a professional can drastically reduce the number of irritants floating around inside your car.

An improved driving experience is another perk of having your vehicle reconditioned. Remember the feeling when your car was shiny, clean, and new? Now you can have that feeling again! Once your detail and reconditioning services are finished your vehicle will look, smell, and feel like you just drove it off the lot for the first time. Who would not want the feel of a brand new vehicle all over again? Contact Mike Duman Automotive Super Store today to schedule your cars reconditioning.