Road conditions and summer’s bright sun are the enemies of your headlight covers. Over time, the finish on your car’s headlamp deteriorates and degrades, leaving the lens cloudy, and your lights dim.

If your vehicles brakes are sounding like a screeching Banshee when you apply pressure to the pedal, then your vehicle is likely trying to tell you it's time to give your brakes some much needed attention.

Most cars today utilize a 4-wheel disc brake system but some vehicles on the road still use a combination of the drum brake style on the rear and disc on the front.

It’s almost time to take your ghouls and goblins out for trick or treating! That’s right, it’s time for Halloween! For those of us who grew up in small neighborhoods, we probably didn’t see the amount of traffic that is on the roads today. Nor did we have quite so many safety concerns. In our modern times, however, it’s important to be vigilant when roaming around in the dark with our kiddies. Here are a 10 Du-Man tips for making sure that your night is as safe and fun as possible.

Beware! Ghosts and goblins, Batmen and mermaids will be roaming the streets again at sunset on October 31st! Many of us think about the kids in the neighborhood, but these days there are folks on every street enjoying the Halloween spirit! Halloween should be a happy day, but the American College of Emergency Physicians notes that twice as many kids are hit and killed on Halloween than any other day of the year. Here are 10 safety tips to help you and your loved ones safe this holiday!

Consider these factors before you take sides.

Oh my gosh! Ask 20 different people about the pros and cons of buying a new car vs. buying a used car and you'll most likely get 20 different answers split 50/50 on the reasons why they prefer to buy a new car over a used car or a used car over a new car.

When it comes to purchasing a "new to you" vehicle, there are many factors to consider, but in reality it simply comes down to two (with some gray area overlap in the middle); 1. Financial status, and 2. Personal preferences.