Preparing for your week long vacation or just getting ready to hit the road for a nice long weekend??

Don't forget to Prepare you Vehicle for the journey! Regular maintenance is critical to the life of your vehicle, but it is especially important when heading off for a long trip in the summer heat.  When was your vehicles last tune up?  When was your last oil change?

It’s Friday night after a long week of work, and you’re ready to cut loose. The weatherman is yapping on the news channel about how this weekend will be perfect temperatures and cloudless skies.

Sitting at a motorcycle rally in 1997, I was talking to a grizzled old biker. He was different from the rest of the bikers there; he used a full face helmet and a leather jacket when he rode, even in the heat of summer. He explained to me that I was a ~explicative~ idiot for not wearing a real DOT helmet and that my brain bucket wasn’t worth its weight in doggie droppings. We talked about the price of helmets, and how his was a $500 helmet before the custom paint, so I asked him how much a rider should spend on a helmet. His response has echoed to me ever since. “Well kid, how much is your head worth?”

Thankfully! Pollen does not get inside of your car the way it covers the outside, but it can still cause issues, especially if you or anyone riding with you suffer from spring-time allergies. These simple steps will help you keep the inside of your car as pollen free as the outside.

There are two types of people in the world, those who love detailing a car, and those who prefer to take their ride to a car detailer. Most people spend lots of time in their car commuting to work, grabbing groceries, or even going on vacation.