Contrary to what a lot of car product companies tout, pollen is not 'highly acidic" and will not aggressively eat holes through the metal of your car's body. Pollen is classified as environmental fallout by the EPA. This has a lot less to do with how pollen affects your car than how pollen affects people. So, even if the Ph. of pollen is low, that does not mean that pollen is harmless to your car's finish.

There are many reasons for detailing a car. Some may subscribe to the thought that “How your car looks on the outside is a reflection of the driver on the inside.” Others are looking to maintain the value of their car.

Receiving your Federal Tax Refund can be an exciting day. Whether you prepare taxes yourself with an online tax return calculator, or you’ve let a professional handle your business, nothing beats the day you look at your account and find yourself a bit richer. So what do you do with that extra dough? Spend it on a vacation? Buy a cute new outfit? A wiser decision may be taking care of your car. Next to a home, your car is the biggest and most important investment you’ll make. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, and to avoid pouring your wallet’s contents into the pocket of an auto mechanic, check your scheduled maintenance, and regularly inspect for worn parts. Each vehicle will have specific car service needs, and here are a few they all likely have in common.

For decades, the narrative of the shady used car salesman has been repeated. While this misconception is not entirely unfounded, it is greatly overstated. Running into a person who has a story about the time when their little sister’s best friend’s neighbor had to get involved in a car sales transaction because their kid was about to get into a bad deal makes a great story. Either the storyteller (and the person listening to the story) gets the satisfaction of “sticking it to the man”, or gets to commiserate about how they “got stuck by the man.”


An essential part of buying a new car is the test drive. Test drives are exciting, the car is new to you, and you likely have a lot of hope that this is the car you’ll love. Don’t get overly sentimental about the first car you test drive, or even about the third car you test drive. Drive many cars that are in your price range. Driving several cars will allow you to get over the excitement, and remain objective. A car is an investment that you will likely live with for at least a year; the test drive will give you a good idea of problems to come.