When we think about renting a car, we usually think about something that is done for business trips, or when you fly somewhere for a holiday. While these are, of course, great times to rent a car, it’s not the only time that renting a car should be a consideration. Rental cars are a great idea for so many other occasions! Car rental deals make it easy and affordable to rent for any number of reasons, here are our favorite five!

It’s time to trade in the old ride, so you’re doing everything you can to make your car look good for that trade-in value. You have excavated 4 years’ worth of drive thru bags out of the back seat, you’ve steam cleaned the seat where your dog has laid for every trip, you’ve washed it, and you’ve even polished and waxed the outside. You might have even bought a bottle of snake oil from the auto parts store in hopes of making that knocking sound go away, if only long enough to get the car traded. So, you pull up to the lot, start talking to the salesman and he wants to see your trade. He steps out and looks at it, you know he knows that you’ve spent time making it look trade-worthy, and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Yeah, those tires are looking pretty rough. Mmhmm. Lots of tire tread wear there.” Arrrgh!

You have been driving your car for a few years, and it is getting time to trade it in before the mechanical issues start. We have all been there. You do a once over on your old ride and you know you are not going to get anything near what you want because it looks like it has been through a few wars. You know you should have taken it in for regular washings, but it is a little too late for that. Your mind wanders off to those old commercials with the old guy screaming about how he will paint any car for a hundred bucks, but these days that service costs a bit more and it is out of your budget for a car that you are trading in. You could take your trade-in vehicle to a professional car paint restoration company, but that service is also cost-prohibitive. So, what do you do? You can easily restore the finish on your car or truck if you are willing to give up a few hours to give your car a new looking finish, increasing your trade value by hundreds of dollars. You can restore car paint to a showroom shine in just a few hours of your weekend.

Road conditions and summer’s bright sun are the enemies of your headlight covers. Over time, the finish on your car’s headlamp deteriorates and degrades, leaving the lens cloudy, and your lights dim.

If your vehicles brakes are sounding like a screeching Banshee when you apply pressure to the pedal, then your vehicle is likely trying to tell you it's time to give your brakes some much needed attention.

Most cars today utilize a 4-wheel disc brake system but some vehicles on the road still use a combination of the drum brake style on the rear and disc on the front.