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Our 6 Favorite Chevys for a Road Trip

Road trips are a great American pastime! There are so many amazing places to see in this country, Yellowstone, The Statue of Liberty, the National Zoo, and some road trips like Route 66, the trip is the destination! So after all your planning, you pick out a road trip playlist, pack a few bags and you’re ready to hit the open road! What could make such an all-American endeavor even more perfect? You must have the right road trip car! Here are a few of our favorite Chevy cars and trucks to take on a ramble!

Quirky Phrases You May Hear at a Car Dealership

When visiting a car dealer, you might hear the salesmen say a lot of things that you don’t totally get. Over the years, car salesmen have developed their own car sales lingo based on their experience with selling cars and interacting with customers. Not all phrases are things that pertain to customers. A car that has had problems from the moment the first key hit the ignition is called a “lemon”, or a “Friday Afternoon” car, but that is something more commonly said between a salesman and a service person.

Gasoline Grade, Does it Matter?

Every time you pull up to a gasoline pump you encounter those three big yellow buttons with those mysterious numbers labeled regular, mid-grade, or premium.

Which us the right fuel for your vehicle? Is it based on cost? Should it be? I mean if I can afford premium fuel and I love my car then she should get premium fuel right?

Not necessarily.

7 Car Cleaning Tips with Stuff You Already Have

No matter whether you are getting ready for a date, taking your friend out to lunch, or it is just your week for carpool, having a clean car is essential. Believe it or not, the condition of your car can even affect what your boss thinks of you! It is worth taking a few extra minutes out of your Saturday morning to do a little deep clean car detailing. Depending on how long it has been since the last deep cleaning, it may seem like a daunting task, but here are a few tips and tricks to using some nonconventional cleaning products when detailing a car.

What's Eating Your Vehicle?

Our vehicles are constantly exposed to the elements. The detrimental effects may vary, but probably the number one result from exposure is RUST.

Preventing rust is practically impossible. Even vehicles with aluminum or fiberglass bodies have iron and steel components, and rust likes to eat away at exposed iron and steel.