3 engines noises that indicate your car needs attention

3 Engines Noises That Indicate Your Car Needs Attention

You shouldn’t ignore any sound your car makes, especially if it’s an engine noise. That's not to say that all sounds are a cause for concern, though. By knowing the normal sounds for your car’s make and model, you will be able to spot any inconsistencies when they arise.

If you do come across abnormal car sounds, such as strange engine noises, address them immediately. If you ignore them, they could quickly deteriorate your car, leading to expensive repairs (if the car doesn’t break down completely).

Unaddressed sounds can also compromise your safety, the safety of your passengers, and other drivers. Your car may stop in the middle of the highway, or a fire may erupt from a gas or oil leak.

Below, take a look at three major engine noises you shouldn’t ignore. This will save you money, time, and possibly, your life.


This is a sharp, elongated sound that occurs in the engine compartment of your car. This could mean that a belt or pulley is weak. If unaddressed, your vehicle will eventually be undrivable. Squealing sounds can also result from the brakes grinding when you press on them. The brake pads may have worn out and are now grinding the rotor, they may be incorrectly installed, or they may have moved.

Clicking or tickingClicking or ticking

This is a rapid pulley sound from your engine when the oil level is low or the engine can’t maintain proper oil pressure. It could also mean that some parts of your engine, such as the timing chains and rocker arms, aren’t working correctly.

To resolve this, check the oil and add as much as needed to raise the level. If the sound still doesn’t go away, you should have a professional take a look at it.

Knocking or clunkingKnocking or clunking

Sometimes this sounds like a ping that indicates a problem within the engine. If you have a worn-out part inside your engine, it could cause this noise and get worse when you accelerate. If you recognize this sound, stop your car and get a professional to come out to help.

How to minimize abnormal engine sounds in your vehicle

Again, not all engine noises are a problem. They may be normal and only occur occasionally. But if you recognize the sounds mentioned above, your car may need servicing.

To minimize how often your vehicle experiences issues, keep up with maintenance, and have your car serviced seasonally.

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