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How To Deal With Pesky Potholes

It's a misty night as you sail through the gloom. Ahead in the distance, there is a ghostly shape. As your eyes focus on it, you suddenly realize what it is. Evasive maneuver right! Brakes to maximum! Prepare for impact! It's too late. WHAM! You, my friend, have just hit a pothole. While this account is rather more dramatic than the average encounter, potholes are an expensive fact of driving. An estimated $3 billion is spent annually on pothole-related damage to vehicles. And while you can technically send your city a bill for damage incurred due to a pothole, you have to be extremely detailed in documenting it.

How To Boost Your Fuel Economy

You may not have noticed if you've been stuck inside for the last couple of months, but the price of gas has plummeted due to the pandemic. While we don't have a crystal ball to tell you when fuel prices will go back up, we can confidently say that it will eventually. In order to make sure that you get the most out of every gallon when prices do rise, here are a few simple tips to help improve your fuel economy.

What is Gap Insurance and Do I Need It?

Misconceptions about gap insurance are as common as fender benders. So, it's a good idea to understand Guaranteed Asset Protection (gap) insurance to avoid any expensive surprises in the event of an accident. Cars depreciate rapidly. By the time you drive a new vehicle off the lot, its value may already be 10% less than the sticker price you just paid for it. By the time a year has elapsed, that percentage will have doubled to at least 20%. Now, along comes an inattentive driver who is focused on their phone rather than the road, and in an instant your car is totaled - a complete loss. If you think that your insurance policy will cover a replacement, you may be disappointed.

Wheel Alignment And Tire Wear Patterns

If driving down a highway requires your steering wheel to be turned at a crazy angle, it may be time for an alignment check. Proper alignment makes driving safer, more comfortable, and less expensive. In this article we will discuss alignments and how they affect your vehicle.

Alignment refers to the relationship of your wheels to each other and the vehicle. Over time, wheels can slowly move out of position due to wear, impacts with potholes, rough driving, and even accidents. As this happens, you'll notice some irregularities in your vehicle's operation and handling.

Best Used Cars For New Grads

We're getting close to that time of year when college students across the nation graduate and tackle life as a non-student for the first time. It's an exciting transition, and many grads will consider investing in a new car as their first big-ticket purchase. Whether you've got a taste for the finer things in life or are just looking for a reliable vehicle you can put some miles on, understanding which used cars will serve you best is a necessity.