What's that noise? Your Car is Telling you Something is Wrong

As time inevitably marches on, it will leave its mark on your car through the usual wear and tear. This means that there will be a possibility to hear some unusual noises coming from your vehicle on occasion.

Some people may choose to ignore these sounds for fear of some expensive repairs. But in doing so, however, they may be exposing themselves to some real and potentially life-threatening situations and expensive repairs down the line. Each specific sound that you hear coming from your car is usually indicative of a certain issue.

What to look Out for When Buying a Used Harley

Now that spring is upon us, many bikes will begin to come out of hibernation. This can be a good time for Harley enthusiasts to take a look at what's on the market and, maybe, acquire one of their own. Yet, the retail price for one such American icon can be above their budget, or they may be looking for a particular model, in which case, they will have to look at used Harleys.

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