How To Recover That Showroom Shine Before a Trade-In

You have been driving your car for a few years, and it is getting time to trade it in before the mechanical issues start. We have all been there. You do a once over on your old ride and you know you are not going to get anything near what you want because it looks like it has been through a few wars. You know you should have taken it in for regular washings, but it is a little too late for that. Your mind wanders off to those old commercials with the old guy screaming about how he will paint any car for a hundred bucks, but these days that service costs a bit more and it is out of your budget for a car that you are trading in. You could take your trade-in vehicle to a professional car paint restoration company, but that service is also cost-prohibitive. So, what do you do? You can easily restore the finish on your car or truck if you are willing to give up a few hours to give your car a new looking finish, increasing your trade value by hundreds of dollars. You can restore car paint to a showroom shine in just a few hours of your weekend.

Anyone's Guide to Clearing Foggy Headlights

Road conditions and summer’s bright sun are the enemies of your headlight covers. Over time, the finish on your car’s headlamp deteriorates and degrades, leaving the lens cloudy, and your lights dim. Not only is it harder for you to see in the dark, but it also makes you less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. There are several ways to fix this problem. The most expensive, yet possibly most effective way is to trade your car in at the dealer and get a newer car altogether.

Are Your Brakes Screaming Like a Banshee? Get These Tips

If your vehicles brakes are sounding like a screeching Banshee when you apply pressure to the pedal, then your vehicle is likely trying to tell you it's time to give your brakes some much needed attention.

Most cars today utilize a 4-wheel disc brake system but some vehicles on the road still use a combination of the drum brake style on the rear and disc on the front.

10 Tips for a Safe Halloween

It’s almost time to take your ghouls and goblins out for trick or treating! That’s right, it’s time for Halloween! For those of us who grew up in small neighborhoods, we probably didn’t see the amount of traffic that is on the roads today. Nor did we have quite so many safety concerns. In our modern times, however, it’s important to be vigilant when roaming around in the dark with our kiddies. Here are a 10 Du-Man tips for making sure that your night is as safe and fun as possible.

10 Motorist Tips for Safe Halloween Driving

Beware! Ghosts and goblins, Batmen and mermaids will be roaming the streets again at sunset on October 31st! Many of us think about the kids in the neighborhood, but these days there are folks on every street enjoying the Halloween spirit! Halloween should be a happy day, but the American College of Emergency Physicians notes that twice as many kids are hit and killed on Halloween than any other day of the year. Here are 10 safety tips to help you and your loved ones safe this holiday!

New Versus Used: An Automotive Comparison

Consider these factors before you take sides.

Oh my gosh! Ask 20 different people about the pros and cons of buying a new car vs. buying a used car and you'll most likely get 20 different answers split 50/50 on the reasons why they prefer to buy a new car over a used car or a used car over a new car.

When it comes to purchasing a "new to you" vehicle, there are many factors to consider, but in reality it simply comes down to two (with some gray area overlap in the middle); 1. Financial status, and 2. Personal preferences.

How to Improve Your Credit Score in 3 Steps

CREDIT. Everyone wants good credit, but everyone hates credit. According to NerdWallet, “the average U.S. household with debt carries $15,310 in credit card debt and $132,086 in total debt.” Of course, paying your debts on time helps your credit grow stronger, but we know that bad stuff happens, even to the best of us. Bad credit can keep us from buying things that we really need, like cars, and homes. Bad credit can linger in the background of our lives for years as a dark cloud. So what can you do about it? The good news is, it is not too difficult to rebuild credit, fairly quickly.

School Bus Laws in Virginia: Keep our Kids Safe and STOP for the Yellow Beasts

It's September Already!

....and the kids are back in school. This means it is even more important to be vigilant on the road in Hampton Roads.

It's impossible to miss the herds of yellow school busses rolling through our neighborhoods and plying our secondary roads. Yes, it can be frustrating when you're running late and you find yourself behind a school bus that is stopping every few blocks and you need to go! Shake off that sense of urgency and remember that these yellow beasts are transporting some very special cargo.

Get Better Gas Mileage Now! Here's How

You just left the pump, and you are back at the pump already. Gas prices are better than they were a few years ago, but every time you fill your tank, you are emptying your wallet. What can you do about it, though? You have to get to and from work. Otherwise, you will never be able to afford to put gas in your car to get to and from work! Have you been skipping out on trips to the beach or mountains because another tank of gas just is not in the budget? Here are a few tips on how to get better gas mileage.

Are Driverless Cars the Future of Safety?

Every major car manufacturer in the world has predicted fully autonomous vehicles within the next 10 years. In a world filled with cars that already have lane warning systems, backup cameras, GPS systems, automatic emergency braking, and automatic parking systems, this transition seems logical.  New technologies for the auto industry include laser illuminating detection and ranging (LIDAR) and environmental detection systems that can distinguish the difference between a pedestrian and a stop sign. So how long will it be before you can set your car on a circuit and play Pokemon GO?