The Bowtie

The Chevrolet bowtie is one of the most recognized automotive brands in America today. Since 1913 when William Durant, Chevrolet's co-founder first introduced it, the bowtie has appeared on millions of products, advertisements, and sales literature across the united states.


When you hear of the German automotive company, Volkswagen, you think of what is it best known for; the Volkswagen Beetle. However, over the years their brand has extended its line into larger sedans, compact cars, and SUV’s with a slightly higher price tag, but with more of a luxury feel. The roominess and luxury feel can be found amongst all their vehicles making it harder to choose which one to buy.

Nissan We've Got One for You!

In recent years the Japanese manufacturer, Nissan Motor Company, has stepped up their game by adding more comfort, newer technology packages, and advanced safety features. Their vision of “enriching people’s lives” has become the motivation they needed as they continually work toward becoming a leader in the automotive industry when it comes to design and quality and these models are showing off their best work yet.

Which Honda Fits You?

Honda has a strong reputation for reliability and quality amongst drivers. The overall driving experience, better-than-average fuel efficiency, and safety features led them to have a very loyal customer base. For almost seventy years, the Japan-based company, Honda Motor Company, has worked to provide quality vehicles that surpass standards. At Mike Duman Auto Superstore we have something for everyone. Stop by, and test drive any one of these models today!

A Toyota for Everyone

Toyota has been one of the most well-known manufacturers of import vehicles for over seventy-five years. Their well-designed vehicles have earned them an outstanding reputation for durability, reliability, and ingenuity which helps to offset the higher price tag. Since the founding of Toyota Motors Inc., they have strived to create vehicles based on the belief that their vehicles should do more than go places, they should help you to take your life to new places as well.

Our 10 Favorite Used Cars for Families

For the just starting out family, money can be tight. Buying a new car might be out of the question, but fitting everyone into your little Mazda Miata from your single days just isn’t going to happen. Fortunately, there are many used cars out there in an affordable price range. If you have been crawling through your local used car finder apps, see if you find any of these family cars for sale.

3 Safety Features Your Next Family Car Needs to Have

There was a time when safety features of a car were an afterthought. Today’s automobiles come standard equipped with many car safety features that we do not even think about such as seat belts with shoulder harnesses, and airbags. New laws are coming on the books regarding rear facing cameras and other safety features that will improve our ability to operate our vehicles in a safe and effective manner. These laws are not retroactive though, so many cars are sitting on lots at this very moment that are not equipped with all the latest safety features.