Top fuel efficiency tips that save you money

Top Fuel Efficiency Tips That Save You Money

With gas prices on the rise, maximizing your fuel efficiency is essential. By utilizing these fuel efficiency tips, you can not only conserve fuel but also keep more money in your pocket. And that’s not all. Other benefits include lowering your fuel emissions, which is ideal for the environment, and extending the life of your vehicle.

Top fuel efficiency tips

DoorframeMaintain the proper tire pressure

Make sure you follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations on tire pressure. Whether overinflated or underinflated, Improperly inflated tires — whether overinflated or underinflated — add more wear to your tires and put more pressure on your engine, so it will need more fuel to operate. You can find the correct tire pressure for your vehicle by checking the owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side doorframe.

Change air filters regularlyChange air filters regularly

Clean air ensures the engine performs at top efficiency, and your vehicle’s air filters determine the quality and quantity of clean air the engine receives. As air filters become dirty, the engine loses adequate airflow and oxygen, putting pressure on it to consume more fuel. So, change the air filters as they get noticeably dirty. You can refer to your owner’s manual to determine how often you should replace your car’s air filters.

Clean fuel injectors periodicallyClean fuel injectors periodically

Your vehicle’s engine relies on fuel injectors to deliver gas. A clogged or dirty fuel injector system can reduce your vehicle’s miles per gallon and cause many problems, including high fuel consumption. You can clean fuel injectors on your own with a fuel injector cleaner or have a mechanic take care of this for you.

Minimize air conditioner useMinimize air conditioner use

Your car’s air conditioning runs on fuel. So, the more you use the AC, the more fuel you consume. Resolve to only use the AC when it’s too hot, and don’t keep it running for too long. Consider non-energy-consuming methods of keeping your vehicle cool during warmer months, such as parking in shaded areas and rolling down the windows to let the wind pass through while driving.

Use cruise controlUse cruise control

Unless you’re driving on rocky terrain, opt to drive on cruise control, which will ensure you maintain a moderate, constant speed. This practice will keep your fuel consumption low and prolong the life of your engine. You can use cruise control on highways and city streets.

Minimize idle time

Being parked with the engine running will quickly deplete your fuel. So, whether you’re waiting for a passenger or in line at the drive-thru, turn your engine off if you will be in the same place for a few minutes. If your vehicle has an automatic engine off feature, activate it so that you never forget to turn your engine off when it has been idling for a time.Minimize idle time

Use the right oil

Car oils have different weights that can affect how an engine operates. Check your car owner’s manual for the ideal oil weight for your vehicle. Pumping an oil with higher viscosity or heavier consistency puts more pressure on your engine, thus burning more fuel. Choosing the right oil will help preserve your engine.

oilUse fuel additives

Fuel additives can increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. These additives can inhibit corrosion, improve combustion, and remove sludge. Some claim that they can raise a vehicle’s gas mileage by keeping the engine clean. A clean engine will improve gas mileage and conserve more fuel. So, incorporate fuel additives in your maintenance routine periodically.

Use fuel additivesA reliable resource for keeping your vehicle fuel efficient year-round

One of the best fuel efficiency tips is to ensure the engine stays in excellent condition. So, make sure your vehicle gets regular tune-ups and maintenance checks. A qualified, reliable auto technician can spot early warning signs before they become costly. Mike Duman Auto Superstore has top factory-trained technicians who offer a range of services, from engine repair to oil changes. In business for over 40 years, we also offer energy-efficient vehicles that will not only get you safely from one destination to the next but save you money on fuel.

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