Four simple ways to save money on gas through the year

Four Simple Ways To Save Money On Gas Through The Year

As a vehicle owner, you’re always looking for ways to save money on gas. If you have monthly payments, then having a low fuel budget can direct more funds toward eliminating them faster. Fuel is a controllable cost if you know the factors that consume it. Considering the condition and type of vehicle you own, plus how you operate it daily, can guide you in determining ways to conserve fuel, thus reducing the need to constantly visit the gas station.
Below, we’ll share four essential ways you can save money on gas and get better use out of the fuel you invest in.

Four major ways to save money on gas

1. Drive calmly

Drive calmlyDon’t zoom off at full speed, and avoid abrupt starts and stops. Not only do these actions strain your pedal mechanisms, but they can quickly wear down your engine. Aggressive driving requires more energy and fuel, which leads to frequent gas stops. Learn to accelerate and slow your vehicle gradually rather than suddenly. Do this especially when entering high-speed areas, such as the highway.

Consider driving on cruise control, especially if you’re not on the highway or on hilly and rugged terrain. Cruise control lets you keep a steady speed, thus conserving fuel.

2. Keep tires inflated

Keep tires inflatedNot only can you prolong the life of your tires by keeping them properly inflated, but it will make them more fuel-efficient. Underinflated tires generally lower gas mileage. However, properly inflated tires can save you up to 11 cents per gallon.

To ensure tires are properly inflated, check your car owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb for specific recommendations.

3. Avoid heavy traffic

Avoid heavy trafficHigh traffic areas and times, such as highways and rush hours, can strip you of precious fuel. This is because your engine idles a lot when you're stuck at a stop-and-go pace. Having your vehicle sit in traffic for several minutes, sometimes hours, burns fuel. And if you’re constantly slowing down and revving up the vehicle engine, that only elevates the amount of fuel burned.

Whenever possible, choose less frequented routes or non-rush-hour times to get to your destination. If you're running errands, choose days that are quieter on the road.

4. Drive less

Drive lessThe best way to conserve fuel is to use your vehicle less. The way you use your vehicle depends on your lifestyle, but consider all your available options. For work, see if you can carpool with coworkers, splitting driving duties throughout the week or month. This can sometimes cut your fuel use in half. Or consolidate your errands. If you can do them all in one day or even after work, it can reduce how often you take your vehicle on the road. And consider walking to places that are within minutes from where you live or work instead of driving everywhere.

Long-term ways to keep gas costs low

Long-term ways to keep gas costs lowNo matter what vehicle you have, these tips will help you save money on gas throughout the year.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider a fuel-efficient one, such as a vehicle with eco-mode. An eco-mode vehicle increases fuel economy by running the engine on less fuel. This is also good for the environment since it also decreases fuel emissions.

Another important way to save money on gas is to regularly maintain your vehicle by visiting a professional technician.

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