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Ways To Save Money When Creating A Used Car Budget

How solid is your plan for purchasing a used car? Creating a personal budget to buy a pre-owned vehicle is like budgeting for any major purchase. First, you should determine how much you can afford to pay. How? By reviewing your total household income and expenses and then looking at how much money is remaining. Although this may sound simple to you, many people get caught up in the excitement of shopping for a car and gloss over the expenses involved in the process. Let's discuss ways to save money when creating your optimal used car shopping budget.

The Importance of Vehicle History Reports

When it comes to our health, safety, and investments, research is paramount. We research the backgrounds of our doctors, babysitters, and homes. The same holds true for cars. Cars can have secrets, and if you don't know where to find the truth, they can cause you a lot of grief. Studying vehicle history reports helps you buy a vehicle that provides years of reliable and safe transportation.

12 Child Safety Tips for Holiday Traveling

The holidays are a favorite time for travelers, so it is time to review some safety tips for this time of year. People of all ages looking for some fun will pack their bags and hit the road. Some may be going to visit their relatives while others may be looking to take advantage of the days off and have some fun elsewhere. Whatever the case, the roads will see a noticeable uptake in traffic prior, during, and immediately after the holidays. 

Why Buy From a Dealer Instead of a Classified Listing

Today's vehicle shopper has many options when it comes to purchasing a new or used ride. You can pick from websites, apps, classifieds, and even the classic "barn find." While they may offer the occasional incredible deal, all of these options have one big thing in common: there are no guarantees. The only place where you can be assured of a good deal and consumer protection is through a dealer.

What's The Real Cost Of Not Maintaining Your Vehicle

Auto maintenance is something quite necessary, yet most vehicle owners rarely give it a second thought. Many only do so in hindsight, thinking how much could they have saved if they just took their vehicle in before it completely broke down when they needed it most. In hoping to save a few extra dollars, we skip paying its maintenance costs, not thinking about how much it will cost us in doing so.

Dashcams - Are they worth it and what to buy

If you’re like most drivers, you’ve probably been considering whether it may be a good idea to invest in dashboard camera. These cameras provide a first-hand look at what goes on behind the wheel of a car and are invaluable for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a dashboard camera is that it gives you, the driver, proof of what occurred if there is an accident on the road.