Essential car maintenance tips for the fall season

Essential Car Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

With the fall season here, it’s important to establish essential car maintenance tips to prepare your vehicle for cooler weather. You don’t want to find yourself stranded in the dark or in an unexpected snowstorm. You want a reliable vehicle that put you in harm’s way or surprise you with higher repair costs for something that could have been easily prevented.

Two resources to lean on as you prepare your vehicle for the fall are your car manual and your local maintenance professional. These two sources will guide you to recognize what needs to be checked and maintained. A maintenance professional can quickly assess your vehicle for needed repairs and take care of them immediately.

Here are five crucial car maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for the fall.

Top five fall car maintenance tips

1. Check fluids

Check fluidsKeep your vehicle running smoothly and quietly by properly lubricating parts and keeping them cool. Inspect the levels of engine oil, coolant, and washer and brake fluid. Whether your vehicle is a stick shift or automatic, check the transmission fluid level. Don't forget the power steering fluid level if your car has hydraulic power steering. Also, make sure your gas tank stays at least half full, so moisture doesn’t condense in the gas lines and freeze.

Remember to check your oil level regularly, and consider winter weight oil if you live in an area that’s colder in the fall.

2. Inspect tires

Inspect tiresFaulty tires can be a safety hazard. You want them to have a strong grip so you can brake properly and handle your vehicle efficiently. So, tires must be in excellent condition. Check the tread depth of the entire tire surface. If it’s 4/32 inches or less, replace the tire. Also, check the tire pressure. They should be inflated according to the specifications in the owner's manual. Consider winter tires for snow and ice, if necessary.

3. Inspect brakes

Inspect brakesVisit a professional mechanic for a brake inspection. Generally, it’s good practice to check your brakes at least twice a year before the winter season. If the brake pads have four millimeters or less friction material left, replace them. Other things to check are the brake rotors, linings, and drums.

4. Check lights

Checking your lights is another important car maintenance tip because you need working lights to see and be seen in the dark as the day grows shorter. Inspect all vehicle lights in both the exterior and interior – even your reverse lights and turn signal lights. Replace those that are burned out or have a professional mechanic do it for you.

Check lights

5. Check the heater

Check the heaterYou want to stay comfortable as the temperature drops and ensure that your vehicle defrosts properly. Test the heating system before the cold sets in. If the heater releases cold air, there could be a problem with it. Visit a professional mechanic to confirm any problems and repair them.

A must-have resource to guarantee your vehicle is ready for the fall season

Besides these car maintenance tips, you'll need a great vehicle and mechanic from a reliable auto service company. A quality vehicle can ensure your maintenance needs are minimal, saving you more money in the long run. A quality mechanic will ensure your vehicle is properly inspected and all issues are addressed in one visit so you can enjoy the rest of the fall – and winter – season in a smooth ride.

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