4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe: Driving with Dogs

Pets are family too, and we love bringing our dogs wherever we go. Whether it’s just a trip to the hardware store, or a cross country galivant, car safety for dogs should be a priority. Your pup should be just as safe in your car as you are. Here are four tested and well regarded ways to keep your dog safe while traveling with you.

Pet Carriers

Keeping your pet safe means keeping them inside the car, keeping them from becoming a projectile inside the car, and keeping anything from hitting them as well.
Kennels and crates are a great option for your dog’s safety.

Gunner Kennels

Voted the 2015 Top Performer, Gunner Kennels are double walled, and tested with withstand 4000 pounds of force.


Pet Ego ISOFIX-Latch Connection

Latching in to the same safety system designed for child safety seats, the ISOFIX-Latch Connection flawlessly passes the FMVSS 213 test.


Harness and Restraint Systems

Pet restraint systems perform in the same way that your seat belt works for you.
This safety gear not only keeps your pet from harm, but also keeps your pet from becoming a missile hazard inside the car.


Earning the Top Performer in the Center for Pet Safety’s 2013 Safety Harness Study, Sleepypod will keep your pup as safe as you.


Kurgo Impact Harness

Integrating directly with your car seatbelt system, the Kurgo Impact Harness reduces the forward momentum in case of a crash, or quick stopping.



You don’t have to keep your dog at home to keep them safe. Dogs are pack animals who love their masters, and they love to go where they do. Be a good doggie parent and use a pet car safety harness or pet safety crate to keep them as safe as the rest of your family!

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