Don't Ignore These Car Warning Lights

The Car Warning Lights You Should Never Ignore and Why

There are two types of people in this world: Those who ignore the "low gas" light as the gas gauge gets lower and lower and those who fill their tanks before the light appears. Although this gas light can be flirted with, many car warning lights shouldn't be ignored. Today, the Mike Duman Auto Superstore is happy to tell you about a few important lights that require immediate attention.

The Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the most essential lights that should be addressed. This light can indicate the failure or damage to many components in the engine, like the spark plugs, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, or gas cap. If the light is a steady illumination, the problem might not be too severe. If it is flashing, there is a problem that needs immediate attention. In this case, you should pull over, turn off the engine, let the car cool, inspect the engine, and call a tow service. Ignoring a check engine light can destroy the engine or even cause a fire.

lightsThe Brake Light

The brake light is another light that should always be addressed, especially because bad brakes can hinder your safety. When the brake light turns on, it generally means there is an electronic problem; however, it could also mean you are low on brake fluid. It's crucial to get your brakes checked right away after seeing this light. Ignoring the issue could put your life at risk or even start a fire if the brake fluid is leaking.

The Coolant Temperature Light

If you see your coolant temperature light, it usually means the engine's temperature is very high and dangerous. This could be because of low coolant levels or a leak that is causing the low levels. When the light turns on, pull over and turn off the engine. Allow the engine to cool, and then top off the coolant to the proper line. If this happens often, have your car inspected for a leak. This is important because the engine needs to remain at a safe and normal temperature to function properly.

lightsThe Oil Pressure Light

For the engine to work, it needs oil. When this light appears, it means the oil is low, it is too hot, or the oil pump isn't working correctly. It's important to pull the car over and check your oil levels. If they are low, fill the oil until it reaches the right spot on the dipstick, or take the car in for an oil change and inspection. Failing to do either of these things can create extensive and expensive damage to the engine and could even make your car stop unexpectedly.

The Battery Light

If your battery is low, you'll see a battery warning light when you turn the car on, but it should disappear after a few minutes. If the light remains on, it could mean an issue with your vehicle's electrical system. When you see the light, drive the car to a safe place, like a repair shop or your home. Pulling over and turning your car off can make your car stall or make it tough to restart the engine.

If your car's dashboard is showing any of these lights, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into Mike Duman Auto Superstore today for repairs. We thrive on providing exceptional services and are excited to help you have a safe and functional vehicle that can reliably transport you and your family! Contact us today for availability.