Dashcams - Are they worth it and what to buy

Dashcams - Are they worth it and what to buy

If you’re like most drivers, you’ve probably been considering whether it may be a good idea to invest in dashboard camera. These cameras provide a first-hand look at what goes on behind the wheel of a car and are invaluable for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a dashboard camera is that it gives you, the driver, proof of what occurred if there is an accident on the road.

Commuter Image captured by Owl Car Cam on a California HighwayMost dashcams record video, but some can record audio as well. The typical dashcam will record a piece of video and keep it in cloud storage for a set period. There can be many reasons you may need access to the video that gets recorded on a dashcam, from being able to show your insurance that you weren’t at fault in an accident, to simply capturing those too-crazy-to-miss moments that can sometimes occur on the road.

So, is a dash cam worth it? These days, the answer to that question is almost resoundingly yes, and people are going out and buying these devices for their vehicles to protect themselves. Dashcams can do far more than simply put other people at fault for their own reckless driving. As more people install dash cams in their cars, people will become more aware of their own behavior behind the wheel, leading to safer driving overall. The only question left is what dash cam you should buy.

Buying a Quality Dash Cam

There are many things to take into consideration when searching for the best quality dash cam. Here are some important tips on how to select the best dashcam for your needs.

Recording Resolution - Typically, it is best to go with a dashcam that has a resolution of at least 1280 x 720 px, though higher resolutions are typically better px if available.

dashcamsAngle of View - The angle of view is important as it allows you to see what is happening at the front of the vehicle. Though 120 is acceptable at a minimum, it is best to opt for 150, as the more angle you have the more area you can record.

GPS - With GPS in your dashcam you can track the specific area in which incidents take place, making it a more convenient accessory for your vehicle.

Sound Recording - While not all dash cams contain sound recording as a feature this can be a helpful option when it comes to dispute resolution.

The team at Mike Duman Mitsubishi wants to help you stay safe on the road. If you need help setting up your new dashcam, stop by our service department and we are more than happy to give you a hand.

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