Get Better Gas Mileage Now! Here's How

You just left the pump, and you are back at the pump already. Gas prices are better than they were a few years ago, but every time you fill your tank, you are emptying your wallet. What can you do about it, though? You have to get to and from work. Otherwise, you will never be able to afford to put gas in your car to get to and from work! Have you been skipping out on trips to the beach or mountains because another tank of gas just is not in the budget? Here are a few tips on how to get better gas mileage.

Increase Gas Mileage Mechanically

Newer cars get better gas mileage, but that is not always just because of new technology. There are other factors at play, especially if you have not been maintaining your car properly. Try changing a few things here to have a positive effect on your gas mileage:

  • Change your oil: Cleaner oil makes it easier for your car to run smoothly
  • Change your air filter: Allowing your car to breathe easier means the engine isn’t working as hard. Consider how much harder it is for you to run up a hill with a shirt over your mouth. The same applies to your car.
  • Change your spark plugs: Better spark means better ignition and improves the car’s combustion.
  • Check your tire pressure: Tire pressure changes with the weather. Cooler weather means that it may be time to add air, and running on low pressure increases the amount of tire on the road.

Keep it Clean to Save Gas

For years there has been an internet myth that a cleaner car is more aerodynamic and therefore are more fuel efficient cars. Mythbusters decided to give this myth a whirl and proved that cleaner cars get better gas mileage. So what else can a driver clean?

  • Check your profile: Does your car body have dents or missing parts? These change the aerodynamic profile, and may dramatically decrease gas mileage.
  • Remove the rack: You can improve your mileage by up to 35% just by pulling the racks.
  • Clean fuel injectors: Sure, there are gas companies out there who claim their gas keeps your injectors clean, but if you’re running over 60,000 miles, having your injectors removed and properly cleaned will certainly improve your mileage.

What is the #1 Most Effective Gas Saver?

  • Slow down: All the aforementioned fuel efficiency tips require you to do something that might make you break a sweat. This last tip is the most important, and will work across every make and model car on the road today. Aggressive driving increases your fuel consumption by up to 33%. Jack rabbit starts not only put your car at risk mechanically, but also increase your chance of an accident, and of course, it makes your car suck down fuel like a thirsty man in the desert. Highway fuel efficiency drops substantially after passing the 55 mph mark. Driving at 75 mph may increase fuel consumption by as much as 20%.

Everyone is looking for a way to save a dime, and fuel economy is an easy way to do it. Many people neglect one or more of these easy tips. By following one or more of these recommendations, you may see an impressive boost to your gas mileage. Take a few minutes this weekend to give your car the love and attention she desperately needs, and you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with a cheaper fuel bill.