Get Your vehicle Ready for Summer

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

The sun is shining, adventure is in the air, and road trips are on the horizon, which means summer car maintenance. Unlike winterizing your car, summer vehicle care is a little talked about subject, so not many car owners even know what to put on their checklist. Get your car up to speed for taking on the open road, and anything else that comes along, by following a few simple guidelines.

Update Your Vehicle’s Equipment

You can begin your auto maintenance for summer by checking the condition of your tires. Is the tread worn down from driving in winter conditions? It may be time to replace them. Next get new wiper blades, which are useful not only for those surprise summer storms, but also to ensure you can cleanly wipe away unwanted debris on long car rides. While you are at it, clearing away any dust or build up on your windows can help you see all the sights with ease. You can also prepare the inside of your vehicle with easy to clean mats and keep it stocked with summer vacation necessities. 

Ensure a Smooth Ride

Summer vehicle service is another essential part of preparing your car for exploration. If you are planning a long road trip, make sure to change out your oil and filter before and after driving long distances. Your brakes must also be in tip-top shape to handle the additional weight from packed luggage or extra passengers. Now is also the perfect time to take care of any check engine lights that have been illuminating the dashboard. It is also beneficial to bring it in for a tune-up. Having your car die in the middle of nowhere would be inconvenient as well, so it’s also a good idea to have your battery checked and changed out if needed, especially if it is over a few years old.   

Beating the Heat

Summer car maintenance wouldn’t be complete without a well-functioning air conditioner. It is not just the blower motor you have to worry about - top up on coolant before it gets too hot. Your A/C isn’t only about keeping you and your passengers comfortable, as high temperatures can be dangerous as well. Heat stroke and dehydration are notoriously connected to vehicles with broken air conditioners, so take staying cool seriously. 

Polish and Shine

The internal workings of your vehicle may be the most important for ensuring you the safest ride, but giving it a thorough cleaning, and maybe even a detail, can make it look fresh for summer. Just think about how amazing it will feel driving around on uncharted roads in a vehicle that sparkles in the sunlight - now you are seeing the big picture.

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