Getting The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

Getting The Most Out Of Your Test Drive

So, you’ve decided that you need a new car. Congratulations are in order, but how do you know which car is right for you? You could do research online or ask people about what they recommend. However, the best way to determine what will fit your needs is to take a test drive. More specifically, you should take a test drive and keep the following features in mind.

Curb appeal versus functionality

Curb appeal versus functionalityThe first thing you’ll probably notice about a vehicle is how it looks from the outside. If you absolutely hate the way your vehicle looks, it will be very hard to see any benefits. However, while it's understandable to like certain styles better than others, don’t get too hung up on appearances either. There is a lot more to a car than just the fender shape and paint job.

When looking at a vehicle, ask whether it can support your lifestyle. Do you have a family? This may rule out a vehicle with a very tight backseat. Do you regularly carry a lot of large objects? A smaller sedan may not have the trunk capacity, whereas an SUV may fit the bill better. If you live where there is a lot of snow, you may want a 4- or all-wheel drive vehicle.

Interior comfort and preferences

Interior comfort and preferencesWhen you sit inside of a car, adjust the steering wheel and seat so that you are comfortable. After all, this is where you will be spending all of your time as the driver. If you cannot get enough legroom or controls don’t fall to hand naturally, this may be a problem for you. Take a look at the radio and environmental panel to see whether you like the configuration and options as well. Are you a fan of touchscreens, or do you prefer control knobs? Now is the time to take note of these types of details.

Testing while driving

When you go for a test drive, take note of the vehicle response. Does it feel like an extension of your body or more like an awkward tool? Suppose you are putting in a lot of effort to drive because of the seat position, steering wheel resistance, or other factors. In that case, this may fatigue you on longer drives.

Testing while driving

Additionally, how is the visibility? Look around while you are in traffic to see how bad your blind spots are. If this vehicle comes with automatic blindspot sensors and backup cameras, it can mitigate reduced visibility.

Don't forget about speed either. While you aren't buying a vehicle to take to the race track, speed is important. When you're testing the car out, if possible, merge onto a highway or interstate to gauge how well the vehicle can accelerate. The ability to get up and go makes freeway driving a lot safer compared to a vehicle that struggles to keep up.

Once up to speed, listen for how quiet the cabin is. Due to their shape, some vehicles may be noisier than others at high speeds. Listen for any unusual noises or vibrations coming from the vehicle itself. They could be a sign of hidden problems.

Finally, take the vehicle someplace where you can try your hand at parking it. We suggest both parallel and pull-in parking. Some vehicles are fairly difficult to parallel park due to their size and visibility. If you live in an area where parallel parking is common, you'll want to know that your vehicle will not frustrate you on a daily basis.

Ready to test drive?

We want you to find your perfect vehicle. Here at Mike Duman Auto Superstore, we encourage you to come by and test drive one of the hundreds of used vehicles in our inventory. You are sure to find what you're looking for at a price you will love. We're located in Suffolk, Virginia near Norfolk/Hampton and are extremely easy to get to. We'll be waiting for you!