How to Detail Your Car

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Do you feel like you're sitting in a world of filth every time you climb into your vehicle? Are you tired of the food crumbs, sticky spilled soda, or dog hair coating the inside of your car? If so, it's time for some deep cleaning. The good news is: It doesn't have to cost you a fortune at expensive car detailing shops. In fact, you can detail your car on your own! Not only will detailing help you feel confident when passengers hop in, but it can also help increase your car's lifespan. So, Mike Duman is thrilled to give you the tips you need to help you properly clean your vehicle so you can drive in peace.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you make your car cleaner than when you drove it off the lot.

  • Step 1: Eliminate trash and remove and clean floor mats.
    • After throwing away the trash in your vehicle, run the vacuum over the mats to clean any crumbs, dirt, or hair. Then, if you have carpet mats, use an upholstery cleaner and follow the instructions on the bottle. If you have rubber, silicone, or vinyl mats, use the hose to spray them down. After cleaning, put your mats out to dry.
  • Step 2: Vacuum the floors and seats.
    • Vacuum the interior of your car. Make sure to use the vacuum attachments to get into those difficult-to-reach spots.
  • vaccumStep 3: Scrub the dashboard.
    • To clean your dashboard, dust it with a duster or microfiber cloth. Then, use disinfectant wipes to wipe down your dashboard, wiping away any residue and killing germs. Remember to avoid using bleach-based products.
  • Step 4: Disinfect the console.
    • Just like the dashboard, clean the console by dusting it with a microfiber cloth or duster. Then, use disinfecting wipes to wipe everything down. When cleaning a touchscreen, avoid using an ammonia-based cleaner and instead use a microfiber cloth and distilled water.
  • Step 5: Cleanse cup holders, steering wheel, and doors.
    • The cup holders, steering wheel, and doors are high-traffic areas, so you'll need to disinfect them to kill germs. Again, dust the areas first and then clean them with disinfecting wipes. To thoroughly clean the cup holders, use a sponge or stiff-bristled scrub brush to remove the sticky residue.
  • Step 6: Wipe the windows.
    • When wiping the insides of your windows, make sure to use an alcohol-based window cleaner. It's best to have two microfiber cloths–one to spray the cleaner onto and then wipe the windows, and then one cloth to dry it. This helps you avoid getting cleaning products in small crevices of your car where it can cause buildup and damage.
  • Step 7: Dredge the seats.
    • If you haven't done so, vacuum your seats to remove any crumbs or dirt. Then, use the best products to clean the seats, removing any stains or cleaning the leather.
  • Step 8: Improve the aroma.
    • To make your car smell nice, use air fresheners–you can either purchase them at the store or create your own by mixing baking soda and your favorite essential oil in a lidded plastic container.

Now that you know how to detail your car, it's time to consider other services it needs! For the best tune-up in town, contact Mike Duman now at 888-239-2076!