How To Maintain Car Value

How To Maintain Car Value

Congratulations on purchasing a car! Now, how are you going to maintain its value? You likely already know that the car’s value depreciated the moment you drove it off the lot. However, you have the power to prevent further depreciation. Keeping it looking bright and shiny is aesthetically pleasing, but you can implement additional practices that have long-lasting value impacts.

Tracking maintenance

Tracking maintenanceProper car maintenance should be a given: regular oil changes, tire rotations and necessary air filter and windshield wiper replacements are essential to the lifespan of your vehicle. Basic tune-ups minimize future damages and high costs. But you can go a step further by keeping a running record of maintenance for your car. Organize paperwork and receipts that you obtain from mechanic shops and technicians. You should also include any repairs that you performed yourself. By doing so, you can stay on top of what has occurred and be able to pass the information on if you choose to resell the car.

Shielding the exterior

Shielding the exteriorWe’ve mentioned keeping your automobile nice and shiny, but what’s the best way to maintain that appearance? Professional detailers recommend that you wax the exterior to protect its coat from the sun and to provide an even better finish. Waxing at least twice a year decreases the harsh effects of oxidation on the paint. Consistent washing is essential as well, especially if you live in an area with regular snowfall. Similarly, road salt will create rust on the undercarriage. You can park your vehicle to further protect its value, taking advantage of a garage or covered driveway to prevent fading paint and engine damage.

Protecting the interior

Protecting the interiorWe spend a lot of time in our cars commuting to work, running errands and taking road trips. Does anyone smoke in your car? How about eating? Your car’s interior will soak up cigarette smoke like a sponge. Many buyers will not even consider purchasing a car from a smoker, no matter how well it has been detailed. Avoid lighting up in your car or letting passengers do it. Have the same attitude regarding food in the car. Hot, crispy fries from your local drive-through are very tempting, but wait until you are outside of your car to start eating to eliminate the risk mistakenly dropping a fry between the seats where you cannot retrieve it.

Take these simple steps to ensure your car’s value. For additional assistance from our professional service department or to view our inventory, contact us at Mike Duman Auto Superstore.