How To make automotive spring cleaning last

How To make automotive spring cleaning last

Get rid of that junkSpring cleaning is just as important for keeping your car clean as it is for keeping your house clean. Dumping the refuse that collects in your vehicle over the course of winter is not just a liberating feeling, but in some ways, it can make maintaining your vehicle easier in the long run too.

Get rid of that junk

The key to keeping your car clean is consistency. You don't need to do a top to bottom cleaning of the entire interior every month, but removing the debris that accumulated at the end of each season keeps away the nasty buildup. All it takes is ten minutes to toss out junk and wiping down the upholstery.

The value of vacuuming

The value of vacuumingYou can do most of your spring cleaning in your car at home, but don't neglect the resources a good car wash can provide, such as vacuuming. A home vacuum cleaner with attachments is great for snatching up crumbs and small debris without much effort, but they are often limited in terms of power.

A car wash vacuum is not, and if you have the quarters to spare, it can bring industrial force to the task of spring cleaning your car. Vacuuming doesn’t just keep things looking clean, but if done seasonally, it can ensure nothing grows off the food refuse that builds up in a vehicle over months of daily driving. In other words, it makes sure that any food in your car that didn’t reach your mouth doesn’t feed bacteria.

Regular cleaning is standard maintenance

Regular cleaning is standard maintenanceGiving your car's interior a thorough cleaning helps keep it fresh over the years. Applying certain products to upholstery can help it maintain its sheen and prevent it from drying out. With regular care, everything from your car seats to the dashboard is much more likely to stay free of stains and rips. Don't forget to deep clean those crevices and high-contact areas like cup holders, gearshifts and dials too.

Wash and preserve

Wash and preserveWashing your car’s exterior is important to do roughly every month for older vehicles. On newer machines, regular washes simply keep the car looking as good as it did in the showroom. As vehicles age, washing helps prevent corrosion. Rust finds a comfy home on a dirty vehicle, especially in a cold climate where salt is used to de-ice the roads.

Rinse away the winter dirt during spring cleaning by washing the exterior of your vehicle weekly, if possible. This steady schedule applies most of all to your more cherished vehicles you want to keep long-term or those that you want to gain maximum resale value for.

Start fresh

All in all, the key to making your automotive spring cleaning last is consistency. A thorough scrubbing once a year is great, but even a solid once-over at the end of every season ensures your car is always looking its best. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a good seasonal cleaning will keep your car sharp for years or even decades to come.

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