Personalizing Your Car with Aftermarket Mods

Cars are an extension of our personality. We add little things like bumper stickers to show our attitude or promote causes we believe in, and big things like lift kits or spoke rims to make our cars stand out. Many times, your car is the first impression, as friends, family, and businesses and workplaces see you pull into their drive. Some of these aftermarket car modifications add value to your car, while others may make your car less marketable. While painting and detailing your ride with your favorite sports team’s colors and logos will certainly tell the story about you, it may be harder to sell the vehicle later. Other aftermarket parts increase the value and help you get more moolah at trade-in or sales time. Here are a few changes that owners can make that will help not only make your car more comfortable, but also increase resale value.

Window Tinting

One of the easiest modifications to make, tinting your windows will certainly help your resale value. By lowering or eliminating harmful UV rays coming into your car, you are protecting your car’s interior. Your upholstery will fade less, and as a driver, you will be protected from glare. Additionally, a good tint will make your car more difficult to see into, which is a benefit for anyone who installs an upgraded stereo, or if you are leaving anything in your car.

Premium Stereo Packages

A good stereo is essential in any car. Car manufacturers know this, and yet they still install substandard entertainment packages. Replacing your stereo does have a point of diminishing returns though, as a booming 2,000-watt system with a van pass box running 15’s is not likely to give a good return. Solid choices in stereo modifications will include in-dash navigation, smartphone integration, and satellite radio packages.


Value your Trade



A much larger undertaking than window tinting and popping a new stereo in, a sunroof is a great way to add value to your car. A professional install can run as little as a few hundred dollars, but the cost can almost always be fully recouped at the time of sale. There are many options for installing a sunroof, from a simple pop-up, to a fully automated moonroof that slides into a protected pocket in your roof. The type of glass that you use will also affect the sale price, as some glass is only lightly screened to reflect UV rays, and others are nearly one-way mirrors.

Improved Rims and Wheels

Customizing your rims and wheels can go a long way to giving your car a great personal look while increasing the value of your car. This is another place where common sense must be taken into consideration. Replacing the rims of your 1981 Datsun 210 Hatchback with gold plated 100 spoke rims could indeed increase the value of your car two or threefold, but that is only because you are adding $2,000 worth of rims to a $500 car while narrowing potential buyers to a very niche market. On the other hand, adding appropriate, good quality rims to a vehicle will not only improve resale value but also improve car performance and handling. Increasing rim size and lowering the wheel sidewall size will improve handling while decreasing the rim size and increasing sidewall height will give a softer ride.

Interior Designing

If your car doesn’t have the window tinting discussed above, and it has baked in the sun for a few years, the odds are that the interior is faded and brittle. There are many options for restoring the interior of your car, and most of them are worth every penny. For just a few hundred dollars you can turn an old hooptie into a fine ride. If you are handy, you can replace your own carpets and seats, or for a few dollars in labor, there are many upholstery shops that can do it for you. You will find yourself much more relaxed in a car that feels good to sit in, and when it comes time to trade your car, it will have a much newer and more updated feel.

Put your best foot forward by just adding a few aftermarket mods. Each of these automotive modifications will improve both the look and value of your car. While most folks are just fine to drive their car as a utility piece of gear, modifying and personalizing your ride will increase the comfort of your vehicle, making it a bit more like home. What better way to spend all those hours in traffic than in a place that really is an extension of your personality!

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