Summer Driving Prep Tips

Summer Driving Prep Tips

Preparing for your week long vacation or just getting ready to hit the road for a nice long weekend??

Don't forget to Prepare you Vehicle for the journey! Regular maintenance is critical to the life of your vehicle, but it is especially important when heading off for a long trip in the summer heat.  When was your vehicles last tune up?  When was your last oil change?

  1. Get the oil changed before you go.

  2. Have your cars charging system (battery, alternator and belt) checked. 

  3. Make sure your tires are properly inflated? Examine them for signs of uneven wear? Is time for a tire rotation or a 4-wheel alignment?

  4. Perform a visual inspection of your vehicle:

    • Lights - Make sure all of your bulbs are working all around.summer-driving-prep-checklist

    • Cooling system - The radiator in your vehicle needs the proper levels and mixture of water and antifreeze (coolant) to keep your engine functioning properly. When your car hasn’t been running and the engine is completely cool, check the coolant level to make sure the reservoir is full. In addition, if your coolant is clear, looks rusty, or has particles floating in it, it is time to have your cooling system flushed and refilled. If your coolant looks sludgy or oily, immediately take your vehicle to a mechanic for service.

    • Fluid levels - Engine oil, transmission (manual and automatic), brake fluid, power steering, and washer fluid. Follow the recommendations in your vehicle owner's manual and have your vehicle serviced at the specified intervals.

    • Belts and Hoses - Look for bulges, blisters, cracks and cuts. Have them replaced before they leave you stranded on the side of the road.

    • Wiper Blades -  Look for wear and tear on  both sides of the blades. Replace as necessary.

    • A/C - Is it blowing as cool as it should be? Is the belt in good shape? Had your cabin filter changed lately? If the answer to any of these is no, have your vehicle serviced before you go.

    • Tires - Check the overall condition. Are they showing signs of uneven wear? Is it time for an alignment or just a tire rotation?  Check the air pressure and make sure it is at what is recommended for your vehicle. Under inflation is the No.1 cause of tire failure! NHTSa's Tire Wise Page -

duman-service-partsHaving these routine things checked and performed before you venture off can go a long ways towards assuring that your summer trip is vehicle trouble free!

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