Top three affordable used cars for dog owners

Top Three Affordable Used Cars For Dog Owners

Pets are like family, so when it comes to road travel, you need a quality used car that’s pet-friendly. What’s ideal for you in a vehicle may not be for your dog, so to make sure your car trips are worthwhile, consider your pet’s needs the next time you buy a vehicle.

Why a used car?

Choosing a used vehicle is a great investment when switching to something more pet-friendly. These days, used cars may only be a few years old, be barely used, and have had only one owner. Since cars tend to depreciate in value, you can get an affordable used one for a fraction of its original manufacturer cost. All that extra money can go into customizing your vehicle to suit your dog’s specific needs.

Important features to consider

Important features to considerEach dog will have unique considerations based on its breed, age, health, personality and more. But generally, there are key features you want to keep in mind as you select the right used car for your dog, such as:

  • Comfort - Cool inside temperatures.
  • Space - Roomy backseat and rear compartments and low ride height.
  • Safety - Restraints and no dangerous objects.
  • Cleanliness - Easy-to-clean interior materials and containers.
  • Configuration - Ability to adjust the interior to fit your dog’s size and preferences.

Now take a look at three popular used car models that sport these features. They're ideal for your pup and will make your trips on the road memorable, convenient, and fun.

Subaru OutbackSubaru Outback

This car is made for off-road adventures to the beach, mountains or wilderness. It has a rugged interior that’s easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about your dog lounging around with muddy paws. The wagon-style rear allows for fastening a dog carrier if you prefer. Its wide rear hatch delivers tons of space for your dog to jump in and out as well.

Honda CR-VHonda CR-V

If your dog has trouble entering or exiting your car, this vehicle will solve that problem. It’s a pick-up truck with a low loading height, and large windows in the back for your dog to enjoy the scenery. There's plenty of space for a large dog kennel too. Plus, it's reconfigurable, the rear stow space is height adjustable, and it has storage pockets for treats and toys.

Kia SoulKia Soul

Having a low profile, this car is perfect for dogs that struggle to get in and out of vehicles. Its shape supports dog carriers and crates well, giving you many options for traveling with your pet. Other features are its hatchback door for quick entry and exit, available leather seating for efficient cleanup, Kia Accessory cargo tray and organizer, and a dual-level cargo floor for height adjustment.

Where to find the best deals on dog-friendly used cars

Once you know what to look for in a dog-friendly car, the next step is locating a quality used one at an affordable price. Save yourself the time and stress of searching around, and check out Mike Duman Auto Superstore.

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