Used Car Reconditioning - What Is It?

Used Car Reconditioning - What Is It?

Ever wonder how cars are made like new before finding new homes? Discover the details of the used car reconditioning process that makes your used car look so pristine.

Making cars like new

Making cars like newTo keep our inventory full, we get vehicles all the time from wholesalers, auctions, and trade-ins. Some of these vehicles are in great condition and only need a wash, vacuum, and oil change. Others need a little bit more attention.

Typically, we try to have the vehicles in and out in seven days or less. Extensive reconditioning times drive up the final cost of a vehicle, so we make it a point to keep the process efficient. To help keep this interval (known as time-to-market) from stretching out for weeks, we only select vehicles that are in good condition already.

What we look for

To ensure we leave no stone unturned, we check vehicle history reports and verify to ensure the mileage is accurate. We make sure that the vehicle meets our standards for safety and quality inside and out. This is done by taking it on a test drive and performing a thorough inspection to check for any damage or mechanical issues. If we find anything amiss, it heads to the shop for repairs and upgrades.

During the used car reconditioning process:

  • Interior fabrics are refurbished and cleaned.
  • Electronics are tested to make sure they work correctly.
  • Exterior paint is inspected for scratches or discolorations.
  • The engine and powertrain are subjected to diagnostics and tuned for peak performance.
  • Tires are checked for proper inflation.
What we look for

Your safety and satisfaction is our priority!

At Mike Duman Auto Superstore, we provide only the best pre-owned vehicles for you to pick from. Every single vehicle in our inventory has passed through our service and reconditioning department. You can be assured that your next vehicle will be in pristine shape and trouble-free. Stop by today to see what we've got in stock!