What's that noise? Your Car is Telling you Something is Wrong

What's that noise? Your Car is Telling you Something is Wrong

As time inevitably marches on, it will leave its mark on your car through the usual wear and tear. This means that there will be a possibility to hear some unusual noises coming from your vehicle on occasion.

Some people may choose to ignore these sounds for fear of some expensive repairs. But in doing so, however, they may be exposing themselves to some real and potentially life-threatening situations and expensive repairs down the line. Each specific sound that you hear coming from your car is usually indicative of a certain issue.

Nevertheless, where exactly on the car the sound originated from can be deceiving, and only a trained ear will determine what the real cause is. This is why we advise that you have your car inspected by our factory-trained technicians at Mike Duman Auto Super Store if you hear any of these sounds.  

shifterGrinding Gears - This sound is usually heard in cars with a manual transmission. It is typically indicative of a worn-out or misaligned clutch, but it could indicate other problems with the transmission. When it comes to an automatic transmission, however, these problems aren't necessarily accompanied by a grinding noise, but it will involve various degrees of shaking or slipping.

Hissing under the Hood - This sound usually happens just when you switch the car off. Nine times out of ten, this sound is indicative of a leak in the coolant system. Often accompanied by a ”sweet smell”  caused by coolant leaking onto a heated part of the engine. It could also indicate that the engine is overheating a leak in the power steering or other pressurized systems. Have this one checked out quickly.

Rattling under the car - This sound can mean that something relating to your exhaust system or an undercarriage component has come loose.

Knocking - Hearing a knocking sound coming from within the engine is, most likely, a bad sign. It's indicative of your rod bearings becoming worn out or loose, or on the verge of failure. If you experience this sound, contact a professional immediately. 

knocking Various Sounds While Turning the Corner - These sounds may be in connection with your steering components being damaged.

Scraping When You Brake - This sound means there is some metal on metal action going on, which means that your brake pads are worn and need a replacement. If you postpone this repair, you need to remember that you are further damaging your car with every step on the brake.

Periodical Loud Bangs - These sounds are commonly known as backfires. They are indicative of either a too rich air/fuel mixture or the catalytic converter not working properly.

A Squealing Noise When You Accelerate -  This sound is hard to miss, even on the highway. It usually means that the fan belt has come loose, or it's completely worn out, in which beltscase it will need a replacement. 

Roaring As You Accelerate - You may have a damaged exhaust system or a faulty transmission system.

Chances are if you hear any of these sounds coming from your car, they are what we've described here. Nevertheless, when you're on the road, driving at speeds of around 60 mph or more, your life, as well as the lives of the other passengers, relies on the well-functioning of your car. If you do hear these sounds, it is safer to take your car for a checkup at Mike Duman Auto Super Store. 

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