Whether you’re looking for a week of adventure, or just day trips in Virginia, this state has a lot to offer. Touring drivers are in heaven here, as scenic drives in Virginia are plentiful. To list every road trip destination in one article would be absurd (there have been entire books written on the subject) but these are our top five favorite Virginia road trip getaways!

Most people are not out buying cars because their bank account is overflowing (but if you have that problem, let me know!) We buy cars because we need them to get to work, to school, and to cart our kids around from practice to games, and those fi

When visiting a car dealer, you might hear the salesmen say a lot of things that you don’t totally get. Over the years, car salesmen have developed their own car sales lingo based on their experience with selling cars and interacting with customers. Not all phrases are things that pertain to customers. A car that has had problems from the moment the first key hit the ignition is called a “lemon”, or a “Friday Afternoon” car, but that is something more commonly said between a salesman and a service person.

Every time you pull up to a gasoline pump you encounter those three big yellow buttons with those mysterious numbers labeled regular, mid-grade, or premium.

Which us the right fuel for your vehicle? Is it based on cost? Should it be? I mean if I can afford premium fuel and I love my car then she should get premium fuel right?

Not necessarily.

Father’s Day is coming up and many of us are still searching for the gift for the man who has everything. Well, they have us kids, so of course they have everything, right? We have scoured the interwebs and come up with a few gift ideas for dads of every style, and in every budget! So without further ado…